11 Things to Consider Before Investing in Cryptocurrency in 2021

Where cryptocurrencies were once the reserve of tech nerds, these days, they’ve become so mainstream that your parents might be considering investing.

This news might strike excitement into the hearts of diehard crypto fans, but it also means there’s a rise in people who want to get in on the “hype” and invest in cryptocurrency without truly understanding how they work.

Make sure you’re not one of them. I’ll outline 11 things that everyone should know before investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, all updated for the crypto landscape of 2021.

1.They’re Based on Blockchain Technology

You don’t have to be an investor to have heard of blockchain technology. But would you be able to explain how it works? For most people, the answer to that question is no.

In a nutshell, blockchain is the infrastructure that supports cryptocurrencies. It’s also decentralized, therefore offering an alternative to the traditional, centralized financial institutions.

Instead of middlemen like banks ensuring our current and savings accounts remain secure, the blockchain forms an anonymous but public digital ledger of buys and sells — made up of blocks in a chain.

Using sophisticated cryptographic protocols and incentive systems, the users themselves keep the infrastructure running without sacrificing security, anonymity, or efficiency. At least, that’s the theory.

If you’re thinking this sounds somewhat vague, that’s because the blockchain works differently for each cryptocurrency.

For instance, on Bitcoin, users  “mine” new blocks: they search for the right cryptographic combination to verify a transaction, which helps to form the blockchain and results in a reward of Bitcoin for the “miners.”

In contrast, many other cryptocurrency systems use staking, which involves users placing their assets down to verify a transaction, with the possibility of receiving a portion of transaction fees.

2.You can Break Them up into Smaller Pieces

As you might have heard, in U.S dollar terms, many cryptocurrencies are worth a lot — even when the value of Bitcoin dropped significantly in 2019, it didn’t go below $3,000.

That’s not exactly very practical for buying a coffee or even a new phone. It’s also not useful for investors who’d prefer investing in cryptocurrency similarly to a fractional stock rather than a whole Bitcoin.

Fortunately, just like U.S dollars can be split into cents and British pounds can be divided into pennies, Bitcoin breaks down into units.

The smallest of these is a Satoshi (named after Bitcoin’s founder, Satoshi Nakamoto), worth 0.00000001 of one Bitcoin. A few other units, including the millibitcoins (0.001  of one Bitcoin) and microbitcoins (0.000001 of one Bitcoin).

Similar systems exist for other cryptocurrency options, too. So, despite the recent price gains in Bitcoin and others, ordinary folks are not ‘locked out’ and can still invest smaller amounts in the crypto market.

3.There’s a Limited Supply

For an asset to be valuable, it must be scarce — or at least difficult to obtain. That’s why oil is worth more than dirt. It’s also (one of the reasons) why the government can’t just print as much money as it wants and hand it out to citizens.

So, the makers of cryptocurrency had to recreate this feature in the digital world. If unlimited amounts of Bitcoin were available and ready for the taking, it would be hard to justify one single Bitcoin being worth thousands of U.S dollars.

The supply of Bitcoin is 21 million, with the number still available to mine decreasing each day. Some see this as a significant flaw in how the system works, so there’s speculation that more coins may have to be released.

Naturally, not every cryptocurrency works quite like Bitcoin. However, almost all of them have some kind of financial or technological mechanism to limit how many are available or make coins difficult to obtain.

4.Use Them Anonymously

When we deposit money into an account with a financial institution, the bank knows exactly who we are. The same isn’t true when you’re investing in cryptocurrency.

Let’s say you buy some ether from an exchange like Coinbase. You’ll then need to transfer that digital currency to a virtual wallet to store your investments (more on your options for this later).

The company that hosts the wallet has no idea who you are. Instead, you use two 16-digit passwords (a public key and a private key). The public key is for sending money to the right person, while the private key is for confirming the trade.

As our personal data is becoming more readily available to governments and a small number of corporations, this is becoming an increasingly important and popular perk.

5.Mass Adoption is Still Far Off

With investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies discussed so frequently, it can sometimes feel like we’re on the cusp of mass adoption, especially as major companies like Tesla are now accepting Bitcoin.

While interest is growing, in reality, we’re still a long way off. Mass adoption means many, many more people are buying cryptocurrency and using it in their everyday life.

When your grandparents give you your birthday present in the form of Bitcoin, that’s when we’ve reached mass adoption.

6.Digital Assets are Volatile

The volatility of the cryptocurrency market is a significant reason why we’re so far off mass adoption. 

On average, the price of Bitcoin fluctuates by around 2.67% each day. For many personal investors, this is way too much risk. Imagine eating at a restaurant and finding out your meal’s price had increased by the time you were billed!

Just look at the graph of Bitcoin’s price over the last five years.

Investing in Cryptocurrency

To avoid waking up in a cold sweat at night worrying about the price of your crypto investment, it’s prudent investing only (a small percentage of) what you can afford to lose. 

Many exchanges will accept stop-loss orders allowing investors to predefine how much you’re willing to lose and allowing you to sleep easy at night.

7.Portfolio Diversification is a Must

Just because investing in cryptocurrencies means using the Blockchain rather than fiat money, it doesn’t mean that personal finance’s usual principles just go out the window. 

As with conventional investing, if you want to build future wealth, you have to diversify.

That means investing only a small percentage of your total wealth into cryptocurrency. Additionally, it also means spreading your investment across multiple investments. Why not invest the rest in property or other new technologies such as 5G via the stock market?

8.Costs Can be High

Since cryptocurrencies are thought of as alternatives to traditional financial institutions, you’d be forgiven for thinking costs are lower.

But while this is the hope for the future, it’s most often not the case right now.

Currently, it’s more expensive to buy and sell on a crypto exchange than to buy an asset on, say, the New York stock exchange. Why? Fees are charged and distributed to users for helping to maintain the exchanges.

Investing in Cryptocurrency

9.They all Have Different Use Cases

Although “currency” is the most popular term, “digital assets” is more accurate. Bitcoin rose to fame as an alternative to physical money, and the image of people trying to use it to buy pizza has remained ingrained in many of our minds.

In reality, many of the “coins” aren’t primarily made to be a currency (or rather, a medium of exchange). The crypto world is about tech as well, not just finance!

For instance, Ethereum aims to establish a platform for applications using smart contracts, and its native coin ether (ETH) fuels this. ETH can be traded, held in a wallet, and used for purchases and sales, but it wasn’t developed solely to be a currency and nothing else.

Similarly, EOS is a smart contract platform trying to help decentralized apps match non-blockchains apps.

Other cryptocurrencies have use cases like gambling and entertainment.

However, since developing a trading strategy for cryptocurrencies has become so popular, you could argue that their primary use case is as a speculative asset.

10.There are Various Types

Although “digital assets” is a more accurate category for all cryptocurrencies, we can be more precise than that. There are four main types of cryptocurrencies: cryptocurrencies, altcoins, forks, and tokens.

By now, you should know that cryptocurrencies are digital currencies made using cryptographic protocols (digital codes).

Bitcoin is an obvious example. Although it technically wasn’t the very first cryptocurrency, it was the first to be decentralized.

Litecoin is another cryptocurrency — it’s based on the source code of Bitcoin and aims to make transactions cheaper and more efficient.

But what about the other types I’ve outlined?

Altcoins are cryptocurrencies designed as alternatives to Bitcoin. Whereas Litecoin and ETH work with Bitcoin and don’t intend to replace it entirely, altcoins do.

Stellar is an example of an altcoin, and its function is to enable a network of financial systems for sending and trading all kinds of currencies.

You can’t have altcoins without forks, which change an existing crypto protocol to make room for an altcoin. For example, Bitcoin Cash is a fork of Bitcoin because it enables more trades per block, speeding up the slow transaction speeds of Bitcoin.

Then there are tokens: a general term for assets created on crypto platforms, which perform a specific function that isn’t necessarily being a currency.

Many crypto platforms have both currencies and tokens. For instance, on Ethereum, there’s both the currency ETH (used for transactions) and ERC-20 tokens (used for smart contracts).

11.There are Different Ways to Store Them

I’ve already said that you can store your cryptocurrency in a virtual wallet, but it gets more complicated than that. You can either hold your investment in a cold or hot wallet (or both).

Hot wallets are located on the internet so that you can access them from anywhere. For instance, the exchange Coinbase has its own cloud wallet.

In contrast, cold wallets hold cryptocurrency offline in hardware like USB. If you lose that USB, you have no way of accessing your account or investment.

There’s a tradeoff between security and convenience here.

Should I Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Well, it’s over to you now! These considerations are just a starting point for your crypto investment in 2021. Whether you’ve concluded this a future investment avenue for you or the risk is too high, that’s your call.

But remember, I’ve only really scratched the surface of the considerations behind crypto investing here. Before you go ahead and invest in cryptocurrency, I recommend doing your research on the specific digital asset(s) you’re interested in, know the volatility and the amount of risk you’re taking.

This post originally appeared on Your Money Geek

Fetch Rewards Review: How to Get Cash Back on Every Grocery Receipt

Can I tell you a secret? I love saving money at the grocery store. But I really hate coupons…

You have to print them, cut them out, and remember to bring them with you to the store for a specific product purchase. It can be such a hassle.

When I discovered Fetch Rewards (along with a similar app, Ibotta), it changed everything. No more time spent clipping coupons, or forgetting them in the car. Just pure, simple cash back at the grocery store.

So how does Fetch Rewards work, and is it worth the space on your phone? There’s no shortage of cash back and money making apps. Does Fetch make the cut on the list of how to make extra money?

What is Fetch Rewards?

Fetch Rewards was started by a college sophomore who was tired of how hard it was to save money on the grocery store. In his words, “the only way to save was by being in the right store at the right time with the right coupon.”

So he took it upon himself to start an app called Fetch Rewards with the philosophy that you should be able to earn cash back at any store you like, on products you’re already buying.

To date, there are over 1 million people using the app to save money on their grocery trips.

How Does Fetch Rewards Work?

One of the best things about Fetch Rewards is that it really is simple to use, and you can tell they designed it with the end user in mind.

Step 1 – Scan Your Receipt

Open the app, take a quick snap of your receipt, and let Fetch Rewards do the rest. It will automatically find products in your receipt that are eligible for cash back.

In addition to scanning paper receipts, you can also link it to your email and Amazon account to import your online receipts and get cash back there too.

Step 2 – Earn Points

With Fetch Rewards, you will automatically earn points for scanning ANY receipt to a grocery store, pharmacy, etc. You also get extra points for buying qualifying brands such as Hershey’s, Kraft, Kleenex, Jell-O, and hundreds more.

Another way to earn points is through the Special Offers section, which offers an even bigger bonus. For example, right now, any Dove products will earn 8X points.

Step 3 – Redeem Points for Rewards

Once you’ve earned at least 3,000 points (equivalent to $3), you can cash out your points for rewards.

You can choose from a wide array of gift cards including Amazon, Wal-Mart, iTunes, and more. You can even donate your points to charity if you want.

Fetch Rewards Pros

Fetch Rewards makes it easy to earn cash back. You don’t have to worry about carrying coupons or buying certain items. Just scan your receipt, and the app will calculate your rewards for you.

Everyone has to buy groceries, so why not save a little extra money while you’re at it? The app will earn you cash back on lots of brands you are already buying, plus a bonus just for scanning your receipt.

Fetch Rewards Cons

While there’s a lot to like about Fetch Rewards, there are some drawbacks as well. If you’re prone to buying extra stuff you don’t need just because it’s on sale, it probably doesn’t make sense to use the app and reward that habit (one way to keep yourself on track is to use the Dave Ramsey budget percentages to monitor your grocery spending).

In addition, if you do most of your grocery shopping at stores that carry mostly their own brand (like Aldi or Trader Joe’s), you won’t get as much benefit from the app. You can still make a few bucks just by scanning your receipts, but you won’t get the bonuses from buying brand names.

Fetch Rewards FAQ

Is Fetch Rewards Worth It?

I get it, the world is inundated with apps for this and that. Is it really worth adding yet another app to your phone?

I was skeptical when I first installed it, but I’ve found that it has definitely been worth it to me. Whenever I leave the grocery store, I just open the app, scan the receipt, and everything is processed for me automatically and points added to my account. Then I don’t have to think about it until my next trip.

It takes me about 10 seconds per grocery trip, and the savings really do add up.

Is Fetch Rewards Legitimate?

Fetch Rewards is legit. They have a 5 star rating on the Apple app store, and have well over 1 million users earning cash back.

What Stores Can I Scan Receipts From?

While it’s promoted as a grocery cash back app, the list of stores is wider than you think. In addition to grocery stores, you can earn cash back at pharmacies, convenience stores, and even online retailers who sell household products like Amazon.

What Are Some Alternatives to Fetch Rewards?

If you’re looking for some other ways to make money fast with cash back apps, you have a lot of options. The most direct competitor to Fetch Rewards is Ibotta, which also gives you cash back at grocery stores. Some other cash back apps that work with a broader range of stores include Rakuten, Dosh, Drop, and Pei.

Fetch Rewards Review: Can You Make Money With the App?

Based on my experience and research, I think almost anyone would benefit from the Fetch Rewards app.

Everyone has to buy groceries, so you might as well get some cash back while you’re at it.

If you’d like to try it out for yourself, you can download the Fetch Rewards app here. As a special bonus, enter the code “APREWARDS” to get a $3 bonus just for signing up!

How We Make Money On Mercari

We could all use a little extra money but there isn’t enough time in the day for another job. We all have credit cards we need to pay off and the time to get out of debt is now. What if I told you you’re sitting on a gold mine right where you are? Think about it; we have so much “stuff” in closets, under our beds, in the garage, that we never use anymore. 

It’s time to clean out the closet and get rid of all the stuff we don’t use. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

Introducing Mercari

My wife and I recently started going through our old clothes and putting everything in a sell pile. We were amazed how much stuff we have accumulated over the years that we had forgotten about. 

After going through much of our old things, we decided to list them for sale on Mercari.

Mercari is similar to CraigsList but is much more convenient and has it’s own app to take pictures of your items and sell them online. You can buy and sell just about anything on Mercari and they even give you a $10 bonus just for signing up.

Mercari First Steps

To sign up for Mercari you can use your email address or Facebook profile.

Mercari sign up

Access To Products

As stated earlier, you can find all kinds of things for sale on Mercari from sellers just like you. If you’re looking for items with steep discounts, Mercari is the place to go.

Mercari access to products

As you can see from the above picture there are several main categories of things you can buy or sell that include:

  • Handbags
  • Deals For Her
  • Deals For Him
  • Deals For The Kids
  • Deals For The Tech Obsessed
  • Kitchen And Dining
  • Many More…

Steps To Sell On Mercari

There are three main steps to sell on Mercari.

First Step

Take a picture with your smartphone of the stuff you want to sell and write a short description of the item. Use a unique and specific description in order to attract buyers. The more information you include the more likely someone is to buy it. You may be tempted to stretch the truth about the condition but be sure to be accurate even if the item has flaws. If the buyer receives the item in a condition that was not described, they can return the item to you and receive a refund.


Second Step

When someone buys your item, you can print and electronic shipping label. Mercari makes it super super simple to sell your item without having to guess about shipping prices.

Third Step

Each time someone receives an item, they are given the opportunity to rate their experience with you. This helps create buyer and seller confidence and increases transparency on the platform. However, if the product is as described, then the buyer’s payment is released.

Mercari And My Time

Time is a finite resource and often we waste time on new and great things only to later find out it was a huge waste of time. 

From my experience, Mercari has been extremely successful for us because it is a popular app that has been downloaded over 40 million times. With that many users, there’s a ton of eyes looking at what you have for sale. 

In addition, Mercari is a rapidly growing platform that is gaining traction in the United States. Growing your profile in these beginning stages will set you up for success even later on when the app gets even bigger.

The Mercari app is also quite easy to use and set your items up to sell. No more taking a picture of an item, uploading the picture to your computer and then attaching it to a platform. Mercari takes all of the steps and combines them into the app for easy transactions.

My absolutely favorite reason for using Mercari over Craigslist is not having to meet anyone in person. Craigslist makes me feel uneasy when I have to meet someone I don’t know in a parking lot and hope they are legitimate. Taking the in person interaction out of the selling process is a big win for me.

Mercari Charges

For each sale you make on Mercari, they charge a 10% fee when the sale is successful. Unlike other platforms, you do not pay anything until your item actually sels. 

Sellers can either pay for the shipping on their own or include the price of shipping in the sale of the item. Depending on the price of shipping, I have offered free shipping for our smaller items. 

When we have larger items for sale, we definitely make the buyer aware that they are responsible for the shipping.

Best Items To Sell On Mercari

From our experience, we have had the most success with baby clothing, women’s clothing, and electronics. However, you have nothing to lose if you are trying to sell old hand made sweaters from your grandmother. You don’t pay anything unless the item sells so it’s worth it to try.

Our Overall Experience

My wife and I have both had success buying and selling items of Mercari and will continue to use it as our platform of choice. We used it while we were paying off debt with the baby steps and haven’t looked back. Not having to meet people in person like you do with Offer Up or Craigslist is the primary reason we keep using Mercari to make extra money on the site. Also, if you use this link here, you can get started on Mercari and get $10 bucks credited to your account!

Ibotta Review: How To Save Money on Your Purchases

You’re going to spend money. Why not save a bit of that money, too?

That’s what Ibotta, the cashback app made in 2011, is trying to convince people of. It’s working, and it’s helping tons of people out. The company is now valued at over $1 billion and has saved its customers around $700 million since its creation.

So, that begs the questions: what is Ibotta? How does it work? And should I make it my new favorite app?

Let us help you. Today we’re going to let you in on another secret on how to elevate your life beyond the 99%.

What is Ibotta?

CEO Bryan Lynch formed Ibotta in the early 2010s with help from Netscape founder and investor Jim Clark.

With the popularity of smartphones growing at the time, Lynch thought he could make a business model where his company could act as a middle-man of sorts between customers purchasing products from a variety of stores and those stores selling to customers.

Everyone wins with this business model:

  • Customers save money by getting cashback on purchases.
  • Stores make money by customers purchasing items from their stores.
  • Ibotta makes money by stores paying them for referrals, among other ways.

Although it may seem like regular stores lose out more than anyone since they pay for Ibotta referrals, customers are still driven to spend more money at these locations.

How Does Ibotta Work?

Ibotta works by either purchasing items through online stores in the app (which can be downloaded on both Android and Apple devices) and getting rebates or discounts through the app, or by uploading receipts to see if any items you’ve purchased can get discounts.

It’s a simple process. And there’s no need to ask where to get quarters either, as the app sends your money to you directly via PayPal.

What Can You Earn Cash Back On?

This is a loaded question with a simple answer: A lot of things!

Ibotta claims to work at over 500,000 store locations in the United States, and many online companies work with the app, too. Ibotta even started a gift card program where you could load your account credit onto a gift card of your choice.

Whether you want to shop for groceries at Giant, or if you want to purchase shoes online at Nike.com, there’s no end to the options you have. If only we could use those rebates to get free internet, utilities, and other ways to lower your bills, right?

Oh wait, you can! Sort of. As long as you get your rebate cash into your bank account, you can do whatever you want with the money you’ve received.

Ibotta Pros

It’s awesome to get cash off for groceries and other purchases. You’re going to purchase food anyway, so why not use Ibotta?

It’s a really simple app to use. You sign up, create an account, and then either upload receipts or checkout with the app.

Lastly, a ton of retailers have affiliations with the company. More options are always better for the consumer.

Ibotta Cons

There are some cons to consider when using Ibotta. While there is no catch to using it, you may find yourself trying to spend more to get additional discounts, which in turn will result in you paying more in the long run. Using budget templates can help with keeping your spending on track.

Smaller brands will not typically have an affiliation with the app, making more rural users struggle to find options.

People have never been in love with Ibotta customer service either, and like many apps, it tracks your location and tracks data when you use it. So people who find security important may not be a fan of the app.

Ibotta FAQs

Is Ibotta legitimate

Yes! Ibotta is as legitimate as an application can be. It works, and tons of people are using its services. Over 35 million people use the app, and they are typically happy with using it. It may only save you a few cents per order at times, but it can add up.

How do you get the money from Ibotta?

After you submit a receipt, the money will show up in your account within 24 hours. You can cash out once you reach a threshold of $20. You can get that sent to your PayPal connected to your Ibotta account or purchase a gift card directly from the app.

Does Ibotta charge a fee?

Ibotta does not charge a fee. There is a slight caveat, however. If your account has had no redeemed offers in the last 180 days, Ibotta will take away $3.99 per month afterward. That’s the only “fee” though.

Ibotta Review: Is It the Right Cash Back App for You?

The answer to this question seems kind of obvious. If you’re going to make a purchase, why wouldn’t you use a cash back app?

The best part is that if you can’t find the retailer you’re shopping at on Ibotta, you can always download a different one and switch between them for your purchases.

Saving money has never been this easy.

How to elevate your life beyond the 99%

I know, this sounds super condescending. Maybe even over-simplified. Things are never really THAT simple, are they? Fair enough.   

So here, let’s put it another way.

If you want to be above average, then you can’t keep acting like you’re average. Living an above-average life means you’re making decisions consistent with being above average, not just average.

Like my whole early retirement thing. That was a huge goal.

For example, if you want to get rich, then you can’t keep spending most of what you earn on discretionary items (cell phone upgrades, televisions, cars, etc). If you dream of losing weight, then you can’t keep eating the same stuff you’ve always eaten or refuse to exercise regularly.

You probably get the idea.

Okay, great – now, anticipating your next question, how do we live an above-average life? What can we do to ensure that we’re making choices in our lives that are elevating us up rather than keeping us stagnant or stalled out in a relentlessly mundane, typical life?

Living like the 1% comes down to three basic principles.

A monk living the 1% life

How to Live Like the 1%

1. Know how to set GOOD goals

For the longest time, I sucked at achieving goals.

I’d get an idea into my head, set a “goal” to achieve it, then promptly forget or lose interest before moving on to something else. Repeat that process enough and you’ll find that you aren’t really going anywhere.

You’re just treading water.

The problem is the goals that I set sucked. They just sucked. It’s because they weren’t specific and measurable.

For example, “lose weight” isn’t a good goal. Why? Because there’s no way to determine when we’ve achieved that goal. There are too many questions.

For example:

  • How much weight do I need to lose?
  • How much time do I have to lose it?
  • How long after losing the weight do I need to keep it off?

Way too many questions. And, high-quality goals set by above-average 1%-type people don’t have follow-up questions. They have answers.

In this case, “losing weight” is much too general and, therefore, I dropped it because I lost motivation.

Your goals should:

  • Scare you a little bit
  • Push you beyond your comfort zone
  • Be specific enough so you know when you’ve achieved them

Above average people set high-quality goals that are real and performance-based. Goals that will change their life in quantifiable ways, and goals that are worth the effort it takes to achieve them.

2. Know when enough is enough

The instant I set foot in an office after graduating from college, I recognized how the world worked. It was way different than I had expected.

Corporate America operates on the notion that nothing is “enough”.

We’re always taught to strive for more. More money. More fame. More status. More responsibilities. Faster software. Better machines. More productivity. Better. Faster. More.

More, well, everything.

If we’re standing still, we’re not progressing.

Here’s the problem: When we never stand still, we never get to rest. Relax.

Recuperate. When we’re always on the go, we don’t give ourselves a chance to reflect. To think about whether or not our lives are actually working for us.

Or, whether or not we’re actually moving in the right direction.

For example, questions that can be answered during rest periods:

  • Are the decisions that we’re making consistent with our goals?
  • Do we live each day with purpose and meaning?
  • Or, are we robotically going through life always searching for more?

Above-average 1%-type people know when they’ve hit the point of enough. Then, they stop. They reflect on their accomplishments and then, once recouped, start again renewed with the energy and perspective necessary to continue making the right decisions.

Unless we stop to smell the roses, we’ll never set ourselves up for a life where we feel genuinely happy. When we always focus on more, then whatever is it that we’re doing won’t be enough.

It’ll never be enough.

3. Never let your finances run “on the edge”

Quick, answer this question: If you lost your job today, how long could you live your normal lifestyle before having to worry about money?

If your answer was three months, then you’re doing well. If six months, you’re doing even better. And, anything longer than nine to 12 months and you’re super prepared to weather a LOT of storms out there.

My wife and I possess several years of living expenses in case something seriously bad happens, like:

  • We develop a health problem that needs funding to solve
  • The stock market tanks and we lose a whole ton of money
  • Anything happens that requires some quick cash

Above-average 1%-type people have enough saved up – often in a savings or money market account, to withstand temporary blips to their livelihood.

Let’s face it: It’s nice not to have to worry or flip our $hit if we suddenly lose our jobs, isn’t it?

If you don’t have much in the way of emergency savings, fix that problem. Now. Start small, but continue to build your pot of cash until you can live safely for at least three to six months without a dime of income. Open a savings account. Get ‘er done.

Remember, this isn’t “us” vs “them

This is a conversation about improving your life and not necessarily being “better” than anybody else. It’s meant to serve as a kick in the pants. If you want to improve your life, then you can’t keep doing what you’ve always done.

If you want to get rich, then make choices consistent with that goal. If you want to lose weight, travel the world or anything else – again, your decisions impact your success, each and every day.

Are you up for it?

Review: Vindale Research

Are you looking to earn a little extra cash or make some beer money?

Maybe snag some gift cards or free money?

Vindale Research is an online market research company that gives community members money in exchange for taking surveys and completing other offers. While there are several websites out there that promise cash in exchange for your opinions, Vindale seems to be one of the longest standing and most legitimate.

Read on to learn about how Vindale Research works, and if you should sign up to start earning money with them.

What is Vindale Research?

Vindale Research was founded in 2006 in New York. While it still serves the American market, it has expanded to the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australian markets.

They offer paid surveys, product testing, and incentivized email marketing campaigns, among other offerings. The company was sold to Reimagine Holdings Group in 2018 but maintains its offerings independently.

How does Vindale Research Work?

Vindale Research is hired by brands to generate user feedback. Therefore, they connect their subscribers with advertisers and behave as the middleman.

Advertisers benefit from Vindale Research because they can use the research for a more effective go to market strategy. They get to invest in research through Vindale’s platform to ultimately be more profitable.

Subscribers benefit because they can take surveys that they are interested in and earn a set amount as a result. They get to earn income in their spare time and can choose a variety of ways to do so. So, how do subscribers receive this income? According to the Vindale Research website, there are two simple steps:

  1. Take Paid Surveys – Subscribers earn a dollar for merely signing up. As part of this sign-up process, subscribers fill out the information about their demographics and interests. Then, they will have access to available surveys on the Vindale Research website. They can also sign up to be notified when a survey that meets their interests becomes available. Regardless of how users choose to browse the site, they can complete surveys on any of their devices.
  2. Redeem Your Earnings by PayPal – Many survey websites offer their members points or rewards other than cash for taking surveys. Vindale Research offers real money through PayPal.

An example of how this works is, let’s say that a car company is interested in understanding the needs of prospective buyers in Iowa. They may specifically be interested in people who already own cars and live in the state. They would pay Vindale to advertise surveys on their site. People who fit into the demographic they are looking for would then complete the study and get paid by Vindale.

So, is it that easy to use Vindale Research? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons that we can detect about using this website:

Vindale Research Pros

  • Users are paid cash in exchange for taking surveys. This money is distributed either by check or PayPal, which seems to be simple and straightforward.
  • It is free to join, and subscribers earn a dollar just for signing up.
  • The payout is between $0.25 and $50 per survey. The more complicated the survey, the more it will payout.
  • The option to be notified about new surveys is user-friendly.
  • Subscribers can do more than take surveys and can even earn money for referring friends to the website.

Vindale Research Cons

  • Many reviews report that surveys expire or fill up quickly.
  • The minimum cash-out option is $50. If people are taking surveys at $0.25 each, it will take a long time to reach the minimum cash-out amount.
  • The website has limited information available.
  • There is no mobile app, but users can take surveys on their mobile browsers.
  • Upon signing up, there are a lot of emails from both Vindale and their partner companies.

How to Earn Money with Vindale Research

There are more ways to earn money with Vindale Research. While surveys are their bread and butter, here are a few other ways that you can earn cash:

  1. Participate in Studies – This is by far the most popular way to make money on the platform. Most surveys take about 5-10 minutes and pay between $0.50 and $2. The money you earn typically shows up in your account immediately but can take several business days. At the end of each survey, you will get a personalized recommendation for another survey to take.
  2. Referral Bonuses – Users can earn extra money by referring their friends as well. The offer is $5 per friend who signs up permitting that they are active and use the original user’s referral link to sign up. Think of it this way – if you’re super excited to be earning extra money and have spare time, your friends would likely feel the same way. If you get ten friends to sign up, you’ve already made your way to your first payout.
  3. Use Reward Codes – Users can earn extra money by joining the Vindale Research social communities to find additional challenges, polls, and alerts. These will generate reward codes that allow users to make extra money from doing surveys.
  4. Watch Videos – Users can also watch short videos to earn money. They are typically advertisements and last a minute or less. However, these have significantly smaller returns at about $0.05 each.
  5. Join Reward Mail – If you don’t mind getting a bunch of additional emails, users can earn extra money by opening and reading paid promotional emails. The website does not state precisely how much each of these emails is worth, but it could be an excellent way to boost your income from Vindale.

Common Questions About Vindale Research

If Vindale seems like a good option for you, but you still have some questions, you’re not alone. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about Vindale Research.

Is Vindale a Legitimate Company?

In short, yes. The company is well over a decade old and has paid out over $8 million in rewards to its subscribers. Vindale is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has earned a rating of A on a scale from A+ to F. Vindale has worked with large brands such as GM, Netflix, and other well-known companies. Additionally, Vindale is ranked as one of the top 7000 most visited sites in the United States and Canada, according to Alexa.

However, not every review is a positive one. Many people are upset that they take a lot of time to see if they qualify for some of the surveys. They seem to feel disillusioned when they spend the time that they could be used to take a survey to go through a pre-survey questionnaire.

How Do Subscribers Get Paid?

The first step to earning money is to sign up. Users will receive $1 just for signing up. Then, they can take surveys, watch videos, and refer friends until they reach the $50 threshold. It is important to note that there is a limitation on how long available funds can sit in a user’s account before they expire.

How do I Get My Money from Vindale Research?

When a user has $50 that they have earned, they must request a funds transfer in the Online Payment Center. They also should have a verified PayPal account set up, or plan to receive a check via mail. Then, they must authorize the payment, and Vindale Research will send the money via their choice of PayPal or check.

How Much Can You Make at Vindale research?

Surveys pay between .50 to $50. In our research, we have found that Vindale Research pays competitively compared to some of the top survey sites. If you are looking for a little extra money, Vindale Research is given high marks by professional review sites.

Keep in mind that offers change regularly, so it best to work with a few of the best survey sites.

Are Online Surveys Safe?

You should understand that taking online surveys is not a way to get rich quick. However, most of the online surveys offered by the top sites and oldest survey websites are legitimate and safe. Vindale

Research has put together a comprehensive fraud awareness guide to help you avoid potential survey scam sites.  Fraud Awareness Guide

What Are the Surveys About?
Users do not have to take surveys that they do not want to. Surveys range in topics. Some examples include cars, travel, technology, and fashion. Subscribers can also watch videos on topics of their choice. Some surveys are more in-depth than others, and therefore, some require a specific knowledge set. The more in-depth surveys often take a bit longer to complete, but also have higher payouts.

Is There a Limit to the Number of Surveys a Subscriber Can Take?

There is not a limit to how many surveys a user can take. The company gets access to hundreds of new surveys each day, so users continuously have new earning opportunities available.

If you are looking to make a lot of money on Vindale Research, you can be diligent about choosing surveys that have strong payouts and do not take too long to complete. The average user can reach the $50 threshold in as little as a couple of hours if they take the right surveys to get them there.

Should I Use Vindale Research?

While the answer might be different for everyone, Vindale Research seems to be a legitimate company that, when used well, can have a substantial payout. If you have extra time and want to make some money on the side, Vindale could be an excellent option for you. If you sign up and decide that Vindale Research is not for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Other Survey & Money-Making Options

While Vindale seems to be one of the most established survey websites available, it may be worth checking out their competitors before making the jump. Additionally, you may want to diversify how you earn money online. Here are a few popular options that we found.

Survey Junkie

This website is also free to sign up. Survey Junkie is another of the oldest and most reputable survey websites on the market. Users register to take surveys and earn points that they can choose to convert to cash or other gifts. Like Vindale, the amount users earn per survey can fluctuate.

Read our full Survey Junkie review here

Join Survey Junkie

Inbox Dollars

This site is also free. Members earn money by taking surveys but can also complete other tasks. The members cash out their earnings in e-gift cards, can donate to their favorite charities, receive a check in the mail, or get a prepaid visa card.

Read our full Inbox Dollars review here. 

Join Inbox Dollars

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More Legitimate Paid Survey Websites

looking for more legit market research companies to get paid for taking surveys? Here are some of the best ways to make money doing online surveys.

Note: Since we covered Springboard and Pinecone research in our posts on how to earn free Amazon cards and Google play we are going to introduce you to some new paid survey sites. 

RewardSurvey US

Get $30 in Reward Points to spend IMMEDIATELY!

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a free online tool that helps major corporations and businesses conduct market research. By taking paid surveys online with Opinion Outpost, you can make money quickly and safely from home and help your favorite brands adapt and grow just by sharing your opinion.

Opinion Outpost users make money and earn prizes by taking paid surveys about all different topics. 

Think about it: Businesses want your opinions so that they can make products you’ll love, and they’re going to pay you for it.


Sign Up to Start Earning Today! Earn up to $100 on your first survey!


Get Instant Cash for sampling everyday items, reading emails from advertisers and taking online surveys



Swagbucks is also free to sign up and fluctuates in earnings per survey. Users can earn money not only from doing surveys but also by using their search engine, shopping online, playing games, and completing other tasks.

They earn Swagbucks and can cash out earnings by PayPal or opt to receive gift cards instead.

Join Swagbucks


Ibotta sets itself apart by being an app first and detaches itself from the survey world. Users get cashback from shopping both online and at brick & mortar businesses. First, users sign up online for free. Then, they upload their receipts to earn points.

This app applies coupons to the items that users purchase after they have made the purchase. Therefore, rather than earning money upfront, they receive money in return for what they already buy.

Download Ibotta

The Bottom Line

Vindale Research is a company that offers companies an opportunity to reach their market and offers its subscribers the chance to make some extra cash. The free sign up process is simple, and users can earn a dollar for merely signing up. They can also earn money for having their friends sign up and become active survey-takers, and the earning threshold is as unlimited as the amount of time that users can put forth.

If you have time to take surveys online in exchange for a bit of cash, Vindale might be an excellent option for you. Just be sure to realize that you need a lot of time to be able to make a lot of money with Vindale. While there are other online earning options and taking surveys won’t make you a millionaire, Vindale seems to be one of the most consistent survey companies on the market.

Ultimate Guide to Taking Surveys for Money ($$$)

If you’re looking for a great way to earn cash online, then you might want to consider taking online surveys.

Survey companies behave as a middleman with businesses that need market research and individuals who want to earn money online.

They pair individuals with surveys that they qualify for based on demographics, and then the businesses use the information they collect to refine their offerings.

Here is our ultimate guide to taking surveys for money and our picks for the best paid survey sites.

How to Become a Survey Taker

Simply put, to become a survey taker, you must have an internet connection and an email address. Additionally, surveys typically take a lot of time to complete, so having spare time and a bit of patience is vital to your success as a survey taker.

Best Sites to Take Paid Surveys

If taking surveys in exchange for cash sounds interesting to you, there are several options to choose from. Read on to see what some of the top companies are and how you can earn money today.

1. Surveys2Cash

Surveys2Cash’s website boasts that ‘your opinion can change the products of tomorrow, today.’ Read on to see how they change the products of tomorrow.

What is Surveys2Cash?

Surveys2Cash is an incentive-based market research site. They reward their members for completing surveys. However, they do not provide you the surveys. Instead, they help users find companies or websites that have surveys. Then, those sites are responsible for paying users.

How to Sign Up:

The sign-up process online is relatively simple. Users enter their personal information to get started. Then, they answer a series of questions about their interests, demographics, and more. After this step, users are shown a series of offers that they might be interested in. Some of these include being taken to third party survey sites to start completing surveys.

Where is it Available?

Anyone can sign up for Surveys2Cash. If there are websites that they partner with within your area, they will connect you with them.

Who Can Qualify?

The Surveys2Cash website does not have any information on the minimum age to sign up. This is likely because they do not administer surveys directly, so users may be turned away due to age, location, or otherwise at the sites that they are paired with.

Average Earnings:

Users do not earn money directly from Surveys2Cash. Instead, they promise to connect users to high-paying surveys on a different platform.

Payment Method:


Minimum Cash Out:


Join Survey2Cash

2. Opinion Outpost

Owned by Survey Sampling International, this site is headquartered out of Shelton, Connecticut, USA, and is one of the original survey websites.

What is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost works similarly to other survey websites. Users are presented with several survey options and can provide their feedback in multiple areas. Users must qualify for some surveys, as is standard in the industry.

How to Sign Up:

Users only must provide their name and email to sign up or can use their social channels such as Google or Facebook, to sign up. Users do not provide any unnecessary sign-up information.

Where is it Available?

Users must be in the United States,

Who Can Qualify?

Users must be over 18.

Average Earnings:

Users can redeem their points for cash, and 50 points are equal to $5. Most surveys are worth a couple of dollars. Every quarter, Opinion Outpost has sweepstakes for $10,000. To qualify, users can enter their names into the drawing every time they complete a survey. Therefore, users are incentivized to take more surveys. Additionally, users can refer a friend for a $1 bonus.

Payment Method:

Users earn points, but they are transferrable to cash. Users can also donate their earnings to the American Red Cross.

Minimum Cash Out:

50 points

Join Opinion Outpost

3. MyPoints

MyPoints is another website that has been around for over two decades. They offer more than just taking surveys, and enjoy a particularly user-friendly option, MyPoints might be perfect for you.

What is MyPoints?

MyPoints is a survey website that also pays people for shopping online. Users earn gift cards in exchange for providing consumer information.

First, users sign up online. Then, they start shopping online they way they usually would, but they must first access the retailer they are shopping with from MyPoints’ online platform. Users earn up to 25 points per dollar they spend online and get to redeem points for Amazon gift cards or gift cards with over 75 other online retailers or restaurants.

How to Sign Up:

Subscribers can visit the MyPoints website to sign up. They only need a valid email address to begin the sign-up process.

Where is it Available?

Users must be in the United States and be United States residents to use MyPoints. MyPoints has an app, but can also be accessed from desktop computers, tablets, and mobile browsers.

Who Can Qualify?

Anyone over 18 with a valid email address can sign up. Like other survey websites, when users sign up, they take a detailed survey that helps to qualify them for future surveys. Anyone who signs up must complete the intake questionnaire accurately.

Average Earnings:

Users can earn gift cards, cash, and travel miles through the platform. There are many ways to make, although online shopping is MyPoints’ bread and butter product. There are over 1,900 retailers that users can connect to through the MyPoints platform, and users can earn up to 25 points per dollar spent when using the platform.

Other common ways to earn points are to get alerts coupons and use them, read emails and get points for merely clicking on links within the emails, and to share opinions on their market research surveys. Users can also earn points for watching videos, using their website to search the web, and can print and use coupons for extra savings.

Earnings can fluctuate between the different methods of earning points, but opening emails typically yields about five points, and shopping online can fluctuate depending on how much a person spends. Surveys usually pay out approximately 200 points, and watching videos can range from 20 to up to 500 points per video. If using MyPoints to get cashback on spending, then the more someone spends in specific areas, the more they can earn in cashback.

Payment Method:

MyPoints users can receive travel points, cash, or gift cards. If they choose money, they can get their money as early as the same day when using PayPal but must have earned $25 worth of points before exercising this option.

Minimum Cash Out:

The minimum cash out amount is 480 points, which is valued at between $3-4. However, when cashing out in cash via PayPal, the minimum amount is $25. A $25 gift card is nearly 4,000 MyPoints. When redeeming airline miles on full-cost carriers such as Delta or American, a $500 gift card costs more than 15,000 points.

It can take a long time to earn enough points for a substantial payout. It is important to note that if users are inactive for over a year, they can lose all their accrued points.

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a website that pays consumers in cash rather than points in exchange for their time spent on surveys and watching videos.

What is InboxDollars?

Daren Cotter founded InboxDollars in 2000 from the comfort of his Minnesota State University dorm room. After graduating with a B.S. in Computer & Information Systems, Cotter made InboxDollars his full-time gig. Since 2006, InboxDollars has paid over $60 million to users in exchange for their time taking surveys and providing other consumer information.

How to Sign Up:

Subscribers can use the website to sign up. They must be 18 years old and have a valid email address.

Where is it Available?

Users can access InboxDollars on nearly all their devices, but the web interface is the easiest to use. You can also use a tablet or phone, and they have an app option for both iOS and Android.

Who Can Qualify?

Anyone over 18 with a valid email address can sign up. When users sign up, they answer a series of questions that last multiple pages. Some questions are very personal and ask detailed questions about income, family situation, and more, so users must be comfortable answering these questions honestly. The information provided will help match users with

Average Earnings:

The average survey yields between $0.25 and $1 in profit. Some surveys can take over 20 minutes, so use your discretion as to whether this is a good option for you.

It is important to note that there are also ‘pre-surveys,’ which are a series of questions that determine if a person is qualified to take a survey. These take several minutes in addition to the surveys themselves and are unpaid.

Users can also play games on the InboxDollars platform in exchange for money. Most earnings are in the form of scratch-off tickets rather than cash. You earn them virtually, and winnings are anywhere from $0.01 to $0.05, but users have been known to win $10-25 per card on occasion.

The other way to earn money with InboxDollars is to open paid emails. The website sends three to five emails per day and users that open the emails and click through the links in the email. These clicks typically yield a few cents toward your overall balance.

Payment Method:

Users can elect to receive their payouts via check or PayPal. There is a $3 processing fee each time you cash out, so if you reach the minimum threshold of $30, the actual payout is $27. If you reach a $40 payout, there is no processing fee.

Minimum Cash Out:


Join Inbox Dollars

5. SendEarnings

SendEarnings creates marketing solutions for large brands via their network of millions of survey takers. Prodege, a global marketing agency, owns the company.

What is SendEarnings?

SendEarnings works with a team of brands that pay them for consumer input. Then, they recruit members who sign up via their website or app to do online activities such as take surveys, watch videos, shop online, and more. Members can earn cash in exchange for doing these activities.

How to Sign Up:

Users sign up on the home page of their website using an email address. Users earn $5 for merely signing up, and the amount is automatically added to a user’s account. Then, users can receive 0.52 cents for filling out their profile, confirming their first email, and doing their first web search. Mostly, they are learning how to use the website and getting paid to do so.

Where is it Available?

Users must be in the United States or the United Kingdom.

Who Can Qualify?

Average Earnings:

In addition to making up to a few dollars per survey, users can invite their friends to use the platform. They will earn 10% of what their friends earn added to their balance automatically.

Payment Method:

Users can earn PayPal cash, gift cards, or a traditional check. It is important to note that the processing time is two weeks.

Minimum Cash Out:


Join SendEarnings

6. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is one of the longest-standing and best-rated survey companies. They help companies hear the opinions of consumers so that they can improve their products and better reach their markets.

What is Vindale Research?

Vindale Research is an online market research company that gives community members money in exchange for taking surveys and completing other offers. Vindale Research was founded in 2006 in New York. While it still serves the American market, it has expanded to the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australian markets. They offer paid surveys, product testing, and incentivized email marketing campaigns, among other offerings. The company was sold to Reimagine Holdings Group in 2018 but maintains its offerings independently.

How to Sign Up:

Subscribers fill out information about their demographics and interests. Then, they will have access to available surveys on the Vindale Research website. They can also sign up to be notified when a survey that meets their interests becomes available.

Where is it Available?

Subscribers can take surveys on any of their devices.

Who Can Qualify?

Users must be in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia. Some surveys are only available in select countries or to citizens of those countries.

Average Earnings:

Most surveys take about 5-10 minutes and pay between $0.50 and $2. Users can also watch short videos to earn money. They are typically advertisements and last a minute or less. However, these have significantly smaller returns at about $0.05 each.

The first step to earning money is to sign up. Users will receive $1 just for signing up. Then, they can take surveys, watch videos, and refer friends until they reach the $50 threshold. It is important to note that there is a limitation on how long available funds can sit in a user’s account before they expire.

Payment Method:

When a user has $50 that they have earned, they must request a funds transfer in the Online Payment Center. They also should have a verified PayPal account set up, or plan to receive a check via mail. Then, they must authorize the payment, and Vindale Research will send the money via their choice of PayPal or check.

Minimum Cash Out:


7. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a rewards and loyalty-program operator. The California-based company connects users with companies who want their opinions. Their opinions are rewarded with cash or gift cards.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is one of the most popular survey sites for a few reasons. They give users $5 just to sign up, they have one of the highest reward-per-survey ratios, and they pay their users in either gift cards or through PayPal.

How to Sign Up:

Users can create a profile in minutes using the Swagbucks website. The necessary information required is an email address and proof via birth date that the user is over 18. Then, there is an intake survey that lasts several minutes. This information is used in the future to help qualify users for which surveys they will take.

Where is it Available?

Most of the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe, and some African countries.

Who Can Qualify?

Users must be 13 or older.

Average Earnings:

Swagbucks is known for having many ways to earn money. Like other sites, polls and surveys are their bread and butter. These surveys take an average of 10 minutes to complete and pay anywhere from $0.25 to several dollars.

Swagbucks also allows users to monetize their searches. Swagbucks has its own search engine, and if users use this instead of Google or Safari, they can earn Swagbucks.

Additionally, users can earn money from playing games on the platform. There are popular options like scrabble and solitaire, as well as other games that you may not have heard of.

The final way to earn money on the site is to watch videos. Users can make a few cents per video toward their Swagbucks balance.

Payment Method:

Users can select to be paid in either PayPal or via gift cards that they choose online.

Minimum Cash Out:

$3 in gift cards or $25 in PayPal.

Join Swagbucks

8. LifePoints

LifePoints is a community of people who sign up to share their views and influence companies in exchange for points. These points can be used on the website to earn cash or gift cards.

What is LifePoints?

LifePoints is one of the longest-standing survey services. They have been around since 1946 and have over five million members worldwide. Signing up is free, as it is with most survey websites.

LifePoints also sets itself apart by offering surveys in 26 languages and has one of the broadest reaches of any survey site because it operates in over 35 countries. LifePoints is a combination of two companies: MySurvey and Lightspeed. Both are global market research companies, and the LifePoints brand helps them to reach individuals who can take market research surveys.

How to Sign Up:

Signing up is free, and users get 10 LifePoints solely for joining. Users sign up online and provide information about their date of birth, full name, and address. Like other survey websites, this information helps to qualify them for surveys in the future.

Where is it Available?

Members are in the United States, India, South Africa, Hong Kong, Mexico, China, and several other countries.

Who Can Qualify?

Users must be 16 years or older and have a valid email address.

Average Earnings:

Surveys start at a few cents each but are typically between $0.50 and $1 in earnings per survey. However, this number can be confusing because users do not earn a cash value but LifePoints instead. The typical payout per survey is between 20 and 100 points.

Users can also provide written feedback in exchange for LifePoints on their account, and the payout of each set of feedback varies based on the completeness of the input.

Another way that people earn money is through product testing. Some companies need specific feedback on their products and reach their testers via LifePoints. Users provide honest feedback for products and are rewarded with points. Sometimes, they can also keep the product they tested.

Payment Method:

Users can choose to be paid via PayPal, select gift cards, or donate their earnings to charitable causes.

Minimum Cash Out:

Because users earn LifePoints, there is not a dollar amount minimum for cashing out. However, the minimum point value to cash out is 5500 points. Various websites will value points at different thresholds, but the most common answer is that they fluctuate based on how many points a user has. The highest-value redemption is via gift card, and LifePoints expire either three years after earning them or after one year of inactivity on your account.

9. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an online survey website that focuses on general consumer information. They connect companies with individuals who are willing to take market research surveys and be compensated in cash for their time.

What is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is full of well-vetted surveys that users can sign up to take and begin earning money right away. Survey Junkie sets itself apart by making sure that their surveys are more specific than other sites, and they are very transparent about how many points each survey is worth and how much time it will take to complete.

How to Sign Up:

Subscribers can use the website to sign up. They must be 18 years old and have a valid email address. Users must also reside in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia.

Where is it Available?

Users must be in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia.

Who Can Qualify?

Anyone over 18 with a valid email address can sign up. When users sign up, they take a detailed survey that helps to qualify them for future surveys. Everyone should fill this out accurately to ensure that they receive their cash rewards in the future.

Average Earnings:

The average survey yields between 100-200 points and typically take up to 20 minutes to complete. Some surveys are worth quite a bit more, but often take a specific skill set to complete or take more time to finish.

Surveys are paid out in points, and 100 points are equal to about $1. Most surveys will pay between $1-3. The website makes it very clear how much each survey is worth, how long it is expected to take, and how long the survey has been active on their site.

Payment Method:

Survey Junkie users can turn their points into either cash or gift cards. The minimum to cash out is $10, and survey junkie has earned an excellent reputation because it does not take a long time to reach that payout.

If you want to earn money in cash, you must have a PayPal account. The account is free to sign up for, but if you do not care for money, you can choose gift cards from several vendors that are detailed on their website. The gift card option is only available in the United States and can be redeemed in increments of $5 at a time after reaching the $10 threshold. For example, users can take out either $10, $15, $20 or more in gift cards at a time.

Minimum Cash Out:



10. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research has earned a reputation for being a very exclusive company to join. It is invite-only, so do not plan to go online and simply sign up for this service. While it can be difficult to join, it can be a very lucrative program to be a part of.

What is Pinecone Research?

Pinecone is owned by the New York-based market research company, Neilson. Pinecone’s cornerstone product is surveys but has also expanded into other content and emails. Pinecone is also known for a streamlined process when it comes to bringing surveys to its users.

How to Sign Up:

Pinecone has a detailed sign-up process once people are contacted about joining. Additionally, people are not guaranteed to be accepted to take Pinecone Research surveys after filling out the sign-up form. Users must meet a specific demographic and pass quality checks before being approved.

The sign-up process ends in receiving a ‘welcome’ email that confirms acceptance and gives more complete details about completing surveys on the website.

Users can then complete their profiles on the website. They include information such as how often they want to be contacted about surveys, what kinds of surveys they want to take, and detailed demographic data.

This information behaves as screening information and helps Pinecone to streamline the survey delivery process. Unlike other survey websites, they have little to no pre-survey questionnaires because they only reach out to people who are qualified to take each survey.

Where is it Available?

Users must be in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Germany.

Who Can Qualify?

Anyone over 18 with a valid email address can sign up. When users sign up, they take a detailed survey that helps to qualify them for future surveys. Pinecone often is seeking specific demographics and can turn anyone away if they do not meet the demographics they are seeking at the time.

Average Earnings:

Most surveys with Pinecone Research yield $3-6. Users are paid in points, and 100 points are equal to $1. Users can choose how many surveys they receive each month, but because Pinecone is so selective, users do not typically receive as many survey options as other websites.

Payment Method:

Pinecone Research users can choose to receive their money in gift cards or via cash rewards. The cash option can be obtained via check or PayPal. PayPal recipients can receive their money by the next business day, and checks typically arrive within a week of requesting them.

Minimum Cash Out:


Join Pinecone

11. Global Test Market

Global Test Market is one of the most popular and trustworthy survey sources. The company has paid over $32 million over its lifetime in exchange for consumers’ opinions.

What is Global Test Market?

Global Test Market offers users the opportunity to earn money from many countries around the world. Unlike its competitors, it operates in over 200 countries and maintains partnerships with over 1500 companies in over 60 countries. According to their website, they have over 5.5 million active members and add more daily.

How to Sign Up:

The registration process for Global Test Market is relatively simple. Users only need an email and their name to sign up and can even link through their Facebook or Twitter accounts for an even more straightforward process.

Like all other survey websites, it is free to sign up. Users will receive a validation email almost immediately and can begin filling out personal demographic information in their online profiles. Global Test Market will use this information to send surveys in the future that are personalized to your data.

The website makes it clear that they do not take users’ personal payment information immediately as a security precaution.

Where is it Available?

Users can be in almost any country to qualify to take surveys. The website is accessible and optimized for tablets, computers, and mobile interfaces.

Who Can Qualify?

Users must be 18 or older to take surveys.

Average Earnings:

Global Test Market has a unique points system. Twenty-three points are equal to $1, and most surveys offer about 35 points. Some surveys offer up to 250 points, but these are rare and often have particular requirements to be able to complete. Two hundred fifty points would equate to about $10 worth of rewards.

Users can also earn referral points for asking their friends and family to join. The referrals must become active members and complete at least two surveys for the person referring to earn points.

Unlike other survey websites, there are only two ways to earn guaranteed points: taking surveys and referring friends. However, the site also offers entries into sweepstakes in exchange for completing surveys, and drawings happen monthly or quarterly. Sweepstakes are not available in every country.

Payment Method:

Global Test Market takes pride in having a seamless and quick payment system. Users earn MarketPoints that are exchangeable for cash or other benefits. Users can choose how they want to be paid, including PayPal, checks, or gifts. PayPal is the fastest payout option, and users often get paid within one business day.

Minimum Cash Out:

The minimum cash out is between 1000 and 1200 points depending on the country that the user is from. This is about $10.

12. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is one of the newest survey websites on the market. Although it is relatively new, it has paid out over $19 million to its nearly 10 million users.

What is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel sets itself apart from other survey websites by having rewards levels. Like other survey websites, it is free to join, and members can take surveys in exchange for cash, gift cards, and become eligible for sweepstakes prizes. Unlike its competitors, the more surveys someone completes and the more points they earn, they can increase in status on the website.

When a user reaches 4,500 points, they reach Gold level status and begin earning a 1% bonus on all their earnings. Platinum level occurs at 10,000 points, and users earn a 2% bonus on all their earnings. The diamond level is when a user reaches 16,000 points. This status yields a 3% bonus on all points earned and a 3% discount on all redemptions.

How to Sign Up:

PrizeRebel boasts that their sign-up process takes only ten seconds. Users need an email address and their name to get started. Like other survey websites, there is an intake questionnaire that qualifies users for future surveys, and they can choose what types of surveys they want to take in the future.

Where is it Available?

Although it is a U.S.-based company, PrizeRebel is available in 183 countries. Users can log in via any browser on any device.

Who Can Qualify?

Users must be 18 or older to take surveys or can be as young as 16 with a parent’s permission.

Average Earnings:

PrizeRebel awards an average of $0.40-0.60 per survey but can increase depending on the complexity of the survey and what level the survey taker has reached. There are a few ways to earn on PrizeRebel.

The most popular earning option on PrizeRebel is to take surveys. Users can also check out the Offer Wall. The Offer Wall has opportunities to earn points in exchange for completing simple tasks. These tasks may involve watching short videos or signing up for email lists, browsing websites, or installing an app on your phone. Points for these tasks vary.

Users can also earn points by referring friends. When users refer to friends, they can earn 20% of their friends’ earnings. Each person who signs up gets a unique referral code that can be shared via social channels or emails.

Payment Method:

Users can choose to be paid via PayPal, Dwolla cash, or gift cards.

Minimum Cash Out:

The minimum cash out is $2 when choosing gift cards. If you select a PayPal cash out, the minimum is 500 points or $5. It is important to note that your PrizeRebel email address and PayPal email address must match.

13. RewardSurvey

RewardSurvey’s business model is different from others in that it does not promise cash or gift cards to its users. Instead, they can earn gifts or access to potentially expensive programs. Read on to learn more.

What is RewardSurvey?

RewardSurvey is an online survey website that has been around for over 15 years. It pays its users in gifts such as free magazine subscriptions and other services.

One of the most enticing things about this site is the promise of a $30 reward after only one survey. It is important to note that while after one survey, a user’s balance will say $30, and they can collect their gift, they must pay a $0.99 processing fee.

How to Sign Up:

The sign-up form is available on the top of the homepage and only asks for the user’s name, email, a new password, and their location. The sign-up process is very straightforward.

Where is it Available?

Users can select over 200 countries when signing up. The website then connects them to surveys available in their area.

Who Can Qualify?

The sign-up page asks for limited information and does not ask for age. Additionally, they allow people from around the world to sign up.

Average Earnings:

The first survey yields a $30 reward in exchange for a $0.99 processing fee. Most people do not pass this stage as they are on a survey website to make money, not give it away. However, people who continue can earn hundreds of dollars in rewards that they redeem for magazine subscriptions.

Payment Method:

RewardSurvey does not pay out in cash. Instead, users earn a dollar value toward magazine subscriptions.

Minimum Cash Out:

Users can cash out once they’ve received enough points to purchase the gift they want.

Join RewardSurvey

14. MySoapBox

MySoapBox is part of the Interview Service of America. This online membership service gives individuals a voice that brands will listen to so that they can improve their products and services.

What is MySoapBox?

MySoapBox is a trusted survey site that trades your opinion for cash. This website is like other top survey sites in that it is simple to sign up for and use and pays out up to a couple of dollars in exchange for opinions delivered via survey.

How to Sign Up:

The sign-up process is simple, requiring only a person’s name and email address. After signing up via the website, users complete their profiles. This helps to qualify them for future surveys. Then, users select if they want to be invited to surveys via email or text. After that, they take surveys and earn cash.

Where is it Available?

MySoapBox is available in the United States.

Who Can Qualify?

While anyone within the United States can qualify to sign up, each survey has different qualifications for who can complete it. These qualifications are based on demographics.

Average Earnings:

Users earn about 1,000 points per survey. A survey takes 5-15 minutes on average.

Payment Method:

MySoapBox pays out in e-vouchers or online gift cards. Users earn points, and 25,000 points are worth $25. The gift cards available are to major retailers such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, and more.

Minimum Cash Out:

25,000 points the first time, 5,000 points after that

Join MySoapBox

The Bottom Line

There are multiple survey websites available globally. When selecting which site to use, you should be aware that while this is a great way to earn extra money, this side hustle is not your next career move.

Survey takers can often make several dollars a day and cash out their earnings via gift card, check, or PayPal depending on what website they use.

Are You Looking for  More Surveys for Money?

Check out these alternatives:

  • LifePoints – This is a combination of MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket, as a result of a merger. Most surveys take about 15 minutes to complete and offer 100 points. Five hundred fifty points are about $5, and that is the rewards payout threshold.
  • Survey Club – This site’s surveys typically start with a qualification survey, which is unpaid. Users can participate in mini focus groups, teleconference focus groups, and two-way focus groups. The minimum payout is $20, and users can collect this through Amazon credit, PayPal, or a check.
  • OneOpinion – This site has a stronger screening process than most and pays out on its point system. With a 25,000 point or $25 cash out minimum, this survey aggregator is also worth checking out.
  • Harris Poll Online – This is one of the largest and oldest polling websites. It pays out in electronic gift cards in exchange for points. Surveys can often ask personal questions, including religious or moral beliefs.
  • Valued Opinions – This company specializes in broader demographics. Users receive vouchers that are typically about $10 per hour.
  • VIP Voice – VIP Voice has a high payout rate but limited options as prizes. Expect mostly auction items in exchange for points as well as sweepstakes entries but guarantee that you’ll receive anything in return.
  • OnePoll – This site is best known for its quick surveys and myriad topics to choose from. The minimum reward is about $45.
  • Panel Opinion One of the most popular survey sites on the market. Users receive cash via PayPal or check in exchange for surveys. The minimum payout is $10.
  • YouGov – This site pays about $0.50 per survey. YouGov is unique because it focuses more on social issues such as politics.
  • PanelBase – This should be on your radar if you’re looking for fewer surveys and a higher payout. The minimum reward threshold is $10, and most surveys pay at least $1.50.
  • Hiving – With a minimum payout of only $4, survey takers earn about $0.50 per minute on average. There is a referral bonus, as well.
  • Survey Bods – This site pays out in money, Amazon vouchers, and prizes. Most surveys take about 10 minutes and pay up to $3.
  • The OpinionPanel Community – This UK company accepts anyone age 13 to 30 and surveys on behalf of universities and large brands. These 10-minute surveys pay out about $1-2.
  • MindMover – Most surveys with MindMover take about 15 minutes and pay up to $1.50. It is known to take a long time to reach the minimum reward threshold of $20.
  • iPoll – iPoll is known for its mobile compatibility and has many opportunities to earn. The minimum reward threshold is $20, and most 15-minute surveys pay about $0.50-1.50. May have a limited amount of surveys available.
  • PopulusLive – The UK-based site provides statistics to the press and other clients based on its users’ surveys. The high payout limit of $50 can be difficult for users to reach.
  • New Vista Live – Owned by Walnut Unlimited, New Vista Live is open to UK residents 16 or older. Users take surveys and can enter sweepstakes in exchange for points. One hundred points are £1, but the minimum cash out is 5,000 points.
  • CashCrate – This site has a straightforward point system when it comes to trading them in for money, but a confusing process to deciding if a survey is going to pay out in the first place.
  • Crowdology – Crowdology offers money for every survey a user completes. They are known for having an excellent customer interface, but it has had a lot of reported glitches.
  • Survey Savvy – This is one of the few survey websites available worldwide. The minimum payout is $1, and they have a user-friendly app.
  • Zoombucks – Zoombucks allows users to redeem their points for cash or online gift cards with a minimum payout of only $3.
  • MintVine This company is now called Branded Surveys.
  • Branded Surveys – This company has a minimum threshold of $10 to payout, and users receive either money or gift cards. They are known for having a high volume of surveys.