6 of the Best Websites for Free Online Games

Online games have been around for decades, but they are more popular than ever thanks to the rise of smartphones.

Nowadays, you can find free online games on every platform – from desktops to consoles to smartphones. There are so many options that it becomes hard to choose one. But don’t worry, we have done the research for you!

Top 6 Best Websites for Free Online Games

Plays.org – Play Free Online Games

Plays.org is a free online game site that provides players with the ability to play free games while still having fun, no matter what their age or skill level. Play.org serves as a safe place for players to indulge in their favorite games at their own pace, without the high pressure of needing to win.

The plays.org website is built out of HTML 5 and uses HTML 5 technology meaning that it will be compatible with all modern browsers, operating systems and devices like iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets or Windows PCs.

Plays.org has an extensive collection of games in strategic genres like puzzles, strategy, action and adventure games which can be either single player or multiplayer (co-op) based on the game type.

What I love about Plays.org is that the website is completely ad-free, which lets you play your games without any disturbances. I love to play these games as I’m unwinding from work or just on the weekends.

My favorite game on the platform is PAC-RAT – which is a games based on Pac Man where you are a mouse eating cheese. It’s a fun game that isn’t too difficult and just overall fun to play.

I’ve discovered that game by pushing the Random botton on their website. That means you’ll be taken to a random game and you can play it to see how you like it.

Free Online Games (FOG) – Play Free Online Games

The FOG (Free Online Games) is a website that provides the players with free online games to play. There are many categories of games available for the players to play, such as action, adventure, educational, puzzle games. The website is so popular that it has over 100 million visitors per month.

The website also offers a reward system for players who can refer their friends and family to the site. They will be able to get extra lives on their favorite game by doing that.

CrazyGames – Play Free Online Games

CrazyGames is a website for gamers to find and play the best free online games across all platforms.

The CrazyGames website has been created as a way for people to play games without having to download them and install them on their computer system.

Kongregate – Play Free Online Games

This game publisher offers popular games like Unblock Me, Traffic Slam, and Hill Climb Racing.

Kongregate is an online game publisher that offers both free and premium games. It was established in 2006 by Jim Greer, founder of Newgrounds.

The company features both single-player and multiplayer games created by its staff members as well as indie developers within the gaming industry. The company has grown to employ 30 people working in San Francisco, CA; New York City; Austin TX; and Australia.

Shockwave – Play Free Online Games

Shockwave.com is an online gaming website that has its headquarters in San Rafael, California. The website offers more than 100 free full-version games to users which are accessible through the Shockwave Player software tool.

Shockwave was created by John Batter and Steve Chen in 1996 with the goal of providing free, interactive entertainment to anyone with an internet connection. It became one of the first internet game sites to become popular and has won numerous awards since its creation.

The Shockwave Player is available for download on PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices; it’s also available for streaming on Chromecast, Roku or AirPlay enabled screens.

More than 100 full-version games are playable on the site including some classics like Doom 3D by id Software which was voted as one of the best video games of all time by GameSpot.

Pogo – Play Free Online Games

Pogo is a game network that started in the 1990s. The company’s success pushed them to create their own gaming system which they named “Pogo.com”. They started the service in 1997 and it has grown since then.

Games are divided into categories such as card games, puzzle games, word games, arcade-style games and more. The site also offers high scores of players who can compete with each other for rankings on their favorite game types.

There are plenty of free games to choose from on Pogo that won’t require any download or software installation, one just needs to enter the website and start playing!