How We Make Money On Mercari

We could all use a little extra money but there isn’t enough time in the day for another job. We all have credit cards we need to pay off and the time to get out of debt is now. What if I told you you’re sitting on a gold mine right where you are? Think about it; we have so much “stuff” in closets, under our beds, in the garage, that we never use anymore. 

It’s time to clean out the closet and get rid of all the stuff we don’t use. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

Introducing Mercari

My wife and I recently started going through our old clothes and putting everything in a sell pile. We were amazed how much stuff we have accumulated over the years that we had forgotten about. 

After going through much of our old things, we decided to list them for sale on Mercari.

Mercari is similar to CraigsList but is much more convenient and has it’s own app to take pictures of your items and sell them online. You can buy and sell just about anything on Mercari and they even give you a $10 bonus just for signing up.

Mercari First Steps

To sign up for Mercari you can use your email address or Facebook profile.

Mercari sign up

Access To Products

As stated earlier, you can find all kinds of things for sale on Mercari from sellers just like you. If you’re looking for items with steep discounts, Mercari is the place to go.

Mercari access to products

As you can see from the above picture there are several main categories of things you can buy or sell that include:

  • Handbags
  • Deals For Her
  • Deals For Him
  • Deals For The Kids
  • Deals For The Tech Obsessed
  • Kitchen And Dining
  • Many More…

Steps To Sell On Mercari

There are three main steps to sell on Mercari.

First Step

Take a picture with your smartphone of the stuff you want to sell and write a short description of the item. Use a unique and specific description in order to attract buyers. The more information you include the more likely someone is to buy it. You may be tempted to stretch the truth about the condition but be sure to be accurate even if the item has flaws. If the buyer receives the item in a condition that was not described, they can return the item to you and receive a refund.

Second Step

When someone buys your item, you can print and electronic shipping label. Mercari makes it super super simple to sell your item without having to guess about shipping prices.

Third Step

Each time someone receives an item, they are given the opportunity to rate their experience with you. This helps create buyer and seller confidence and increases transparency on the platform. However, if the product is as described, then the buyer’s payment is released.

Mercari And My Time

Time is a finite resource and often we waste time on new and great things only to later find out it was a huge waste of time. 

From my experience, Mercari has been extremely successful for us because it is a popular app that has been downloaded over 40 million times. With that many users, there’s a ton of eyes looking at what you have for sale. 

In addition, Mercari is a rapidly growing platform that is gaining traction in the United States. Growing your profile in these beginning stages will set you up for success even later on when the app gets even bigger.

The Mercari app is also quite easy to use and set your items up to sell. No more taking a picture of an item, uploading the picture to your computer and then attaching it to a platform. Mercari takes all of the steps and combines them into the app for easy transactions.

My absolutely favorite reason for using Mercari over Craigslist is not having to meet anyone in person. Craigslist makes me feel uneasy when I have to meet someone I don’t know in a parking lot and hope they are legitimate. Taking the in person interaction out of the selling process is a big win for me.

Mercari Charges

For each sale you make on Mercari, they charge a 10% fee when the sale is successful. Unlike other platforms, you do not pay anything until your item actually sels. 

Sellers can either pay for the shipping on their own or include the price of shipping in the sale of the item. Depending on the price of shipping, I have offered free shipping for our smaller items. 

When we have larger items for sale, we definitely make the buyer aware that they are responsible for the shipping.

Best Items To Sell On Mercari

From our experience, we have had the most success with baby clothing, women’s clothing, and electronics. However, you have nothing to lose if you are trying to sell old hand made sweaters from your grandmother. You don’t pay anything unless the item sells so it’s worth it to try.

Our Overall Experience

My wife and I have both had success buying and selling items of Mercari and will continue to use it as our platform of choice. We used it while we were paying off debt with the baby steps and haven’t looked back. Not having to meet people in person like you do with Offer Up or Craigslist is the primary reason we keep using Mercari to make extra money on the site. Also, if you use this link here, you can get started on Mercari and get $10 bucks credited to your account!