These Southern Capitals Are Worth Checking Out

If you’re planning a vacation any time soon, it’s important that you pick a city that can offer fun and excitement but still allow you to slow it down and learn when you want to. The south is known for its charm: but it’s also great for partying and fun!

Whether you’ve been to the south before or you’re new to this portion of the country, you must plan as thoroughly as possible: and pick a destination that speaks to you.

Why Vacation in the South?

Although some may think of the south as easy living, taking it slow, and enjoying warm summer days on beaches: there are far more options for what you can do when traveling to this portion of the country! There are countless museums and art galleries to help stretch your mind while exploring the natural beauty here. Still, there are also tons of physical activities and options for anyone who wants to get out and get the most out of the surroundings.

Little Rock

Little Rock is one of the best vacation destinations for anyone who wants an active and fun vacation. From camping and hiking in Pinnacle Mountain State Park to exploring Big Dam Bridge, you can take in the countless views and experiences that make many want to buy Little Rock houses for sale. This city has had a lot of importance in the civil rights movement and has a lot to teach anyone who stops in,


If you want to enjoy beautiful nature, fantastic music and culture, and incredible people, it’s time to plan a trip to Austin! As the state capital of Texas, it’s best known for its amazing museums and sculpture gardens, but you can find far more to do than stop in and learn.  

The massive music scene here is centered around country, blues, and rock and has concerts nearly every weekend for anyone who wants to enjoy the amazing energy that can only be found in a show with a crowd of strangers. This city is fun and smart, and you’ll love every moment you spend here.


Possibly one of the most popular southern towns, Atlanta is a fantastic city for partying, music, food, sightseeing, and connecting with culture in a new and amazing way. Atlanta has a long and complicated past and communicates it through its museums and historical sites throughout the city: this is a must-visit location.

How Do You Pack For This?

Packing for a vacation in the south still depends on when you’re going and where you’re landing. Although some assume the south is warm year-round: Atlanta and Little Rock both experience some amounts of snow in the winter. Research your destination ahead of time, and pick a time of the year when you’ll get to mark off the most things that you want to do while you’re there! 

State Capitals Are Awesome Combinations of Fun and Educational

Whether you’re new to the south or planning your first vacation down in the land of comfort and warm weather: consider some of these awesome state capitals! You’ll enjoy every moment you’re here.